"Never underestimate the day of small beginnings."


PALI's mascot (named Charlie and named after another "silent" actor) displays a cub, which when grown and empowered with certain skills becomes a lion, and subsequently ends up at the top of the food chain. The bowler hat and moustache hark back to the days of Chaplin which remind us of the past while moving into the future. Our previous version of our cub had wings which demonstrated this same need. Our approach is different from other Drama Schools as we incorporate marketing, technical film craft, entrepreneurial and branding skills into our programmes. We believe that if a student is exposed to all the various fields of our industry, we will create enthusiastic employable people who can become leaders in their field. Such individuals will differ from the ordinary everyday job-seeker the industry has become accustomed to, who only yearns for fame and fortune, and brings no initiative to our industry or our medium. After all, a lion can look after itself!

01// CORE VALUES MISSION To spurn the mediocre and transcend the norm.To train, educate and expose the talented to the art of business and entrepreneurial skills. VISION We are motivated by and passionate about every aspect of our craft.We strive to entertain and be entertained by our dexterity, ability, commitment and ultimately produce financially independent artists. 02 // TRADITION OF DEXTERITY It is customary for PALI protégé’s, to be multi-skillled and successful in more than one career or medium. That is why our PALI professionals play on both stage and film, as well as running a business or a production house. We are proud of all our actors/writers/producers currently in the KYKNET Silwerskermfees finals. Kick ass guys!
01 // OUR ROOTS It's a lifestyle..... "PALI has always attracted students who were highly ambitious, and willing to learn from a totally new perspective, not conforming to the norm.The Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute (previously the Star Struck School of Acting) was founded in 2005 and after showing a positive growth, has today earned the respect of the industry and seen as one of the top training facilities for tertiary education in Gauteng. Today we boast not only of a complement of professional actors, but also qualified artists in marketing and entrepreneurial skills required for becoming successful producers and directors. 02 // HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE It is common knowledge that life and everything changes constantly. That is why the founder of PALI decided to change the view and philosophy of the artist today and incorporated a holistic view of our industry as a business and not just `art'. Since the founding of PALI, we have been doing `business as an art, and art as a business'.All students pitch a business proposal on an annual basis to a panel which gives feedback on the viability of the concept, or support the achievers with advice or a financial investment. 03 // THE FUTURE PALI has a philosophy, a hope and a belief, that having a firm knowledge of our history but a vision of a changing future, we as an institution will be part of the solution in our economic environment, and not part of the problem. We strive to constantly stay abreast of our industry and intend making it a financial and economic viability in the film, stage and entertainment arena which is mushrooming into a new era of the creative arts..